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Ricardo Gomes (1161078) 1161078 at
Tue Sep 10 13:56:00 UTC 2019

Hello Sebastian,

>>  Greetings,
>>  During the last six months, I have been studying RTEMS as part of my final
>>  project to complete my degree, more specifically analysing the MrsP protocol in
>>  order to perform an evaluation of its implementation on RTEMS.

> I would be great if you can publish the evaluation once it is finished. Please let me know if you need a > reviewer.

>>  In order to accomplish this analysis, I developed a set of samples that allows
>>  one to test several properties of MrsP, based its own rules, as described in
>>  [1],  including the use of nested resources, presented in [2]. Beyond that, I
>>  have also adapted those test cases, using OMIP instead of MrsP, in order to
>>  establish comparisons between both protocols.
>>  So far the set of develop test cases were executed using QEMU, as up to now I’m
>>  not able to execute SMP code in a Raspberry PI 2 (I will address this topic
>>  with more detail later on another thread).
>>  I wanted to know if:
>>  1- there is any interest from the community for me to submit these tests to the
>> RTEMS repository, or at least the ones considered relevant
>>  2- In case the answer to 1 is affirmative, If I should create a new ticket and
>> submit the test cases as individual patches.

> an independent set of test cases would be good. Currently, the tests and the implementation are from > the  same person. SMP test code in the test suite must compile and link on all SMP targets. If you plan > to submit the code, please plan with enough time for some review/change iterations.

In first place, yes I want to submit my tests, although how may I assert if my tests compile and link on every SMP targets?

>> Thank you for your attention.
>> Best Regards,
>> Ricardo Gomes
>> P.S. After I complete my final report I can make it available if someone is
>> interested.

>  Yes, I am definitely interested.

In this email I sending one test for you to review it and see if it is structured according to RTEMS coding conventions, that I tried to fulfill.

This test case is very simple, testing only if it is possible to set one priority per scheduling instance and also verifying if, when a task attempt to obtain a MrsP semaphore, its priority is immediately raised to the ceiling priority defined on its scheduler.

Best regards,
Ricardo Gomes

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