[PATCH v2] Add lvgl/hello: Sample Hello world app using littleVGL and libbsd

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Wed Sep 18 23:14:05 UTC 2019

On 19/9/19 5:05 am, Vijay Kumar Banerjee wrote:
> Sorry, this patch doesn't seem to work properly, I have modified it a bit and 
> attached the v4 here. This v4 needs the rtems_waf typo patch that I recently
> posted. 

Thanks. This fragment ...

 if bld.env.LIBPATH_libbsd and bld.env.LIBPATH_liblvgl:

... exposes how libraries are being held in the env so I have pushed a change to
rtems_waf to add a `check_lib()` call you can use with ...

 if rtems.check_lib(['bsd', 'lvgl']):

Could you please update the patch to pick up the latest rtems_waf changes and
use the check_lib() call?


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