Suggestions about rtems-ld

jameszxj jameszxj at
Sun Sep 22 05:01:19 UTC 2019

   1. option -e (--entry)
       In most cases, entry point is useless when use dynamic load. Default entry point "rtems" makes user must provid a entry point or provid "rtems" entry point. 
I think make default entry point to null is better, if user does not assign one. If it is acceptable, I'll submit a patch.

   2. unresolved symbols
       Dynamically loader code should have unresolved symbols most time, but rtems-ld throws an error when encounters a unresolved symbol.  Assign baseimage
can solve part of the problems. When unresolved symbols scatter at 2 or more files, just one baseimage is not enough.
       If just print a warning,  Maybe hundreds of warnings output, this still bothers the user. GNU ld does not print anything about it.
       Just print a warning or slient, I could't say which is better.
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