Where are results of rtems-tester test results archived?

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Thu Sep 26 01:41:23 UTC 2019

On 26/9/19 3:25 am, Gedare Bloom wrote:
> I just meant that the view of the running tests is not useful for comparison,

Yes. It lets you see if something major is wrong with a test run. The very
original implementation listed the failing tests by name but this added little
value and you could not track the state of the run so it was removed.

> it is exactly this summary (the end result) that helps. 

Great, this is the important bit.

> If we had regular testing,
> parsing the results and producing a status matrix could help for understanding
> the tiers. I'm not saying I know how this would be accomplished, and it seems it
> would require coordination among community members who test on different bsps.

A score board? This would be really nice to have. I think something that hooks
into procmail and monitors the emails posted to the build at rtems.org list would
work. I would to encourage anyone and everyone to post results for BSPs they
have. A score board can then be used to maintain the tiers.

Also there is a ticket to have the tester take the console output and generate
the results. If this also posted the results email it would help make the test
results more widely available.

The tester work so far has been unfunded or GSoC projects and I cannot see this
changing soon however it is vital to our users, the community and a wider
audience that we have quality current published results.


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