Converting stack address to shared-memory object name

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Wed Jul 8 12:53:22 UTC 2020

On 08/07/2020 14:43, Utkarsh Rai wrote:

> Hello,
> For my GSoC project, I have to provide high-level APIs for sharing 
> isolated stacks.
> The POSIX compliant high-level way of sharing stacks can be to create 
> a shared memory object of the stack to be shared through shm_open and 
> then mmap that to the address space of the current stack. My doubt is, 
> shm_open() takes the path-name of the shared memory object. Since this 
> is a high-level API, how does the user 'convert' the stack address to 
> a shared memory object name?
Do we need any POSIX compatibility for this? What would you do in a 
POSIX environment? You first get some memory, then hand it over to 
shm_open() to get a file descriptor, then use the file descriptor in 
mmap(), then use this for pthread_attr_setstack() and whatever?
> Dr.Gedare mentioned that one way to deal with naming would be 
> something like Mr.Sebastian has been doing with specifications. From 
> what I could gather, it is a hierarchical way of representing 
> objects(Though, I am not very sure if  I understand this accurately). 
> How can something like this be implemented for naming stack-addresses?
I am not sure if the specification of RTEMS is helpful in this context.

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