GSoC 2020: Implemented FreeBSD structures in RTEMS

Niteesh G. S. at
Wed Jul 8 19:41:11 UTC 2020


As part of my GSoC project: Beagle BSP: Add FDT based initialization

I had to import a few drivers from libBSD to RTEMS this eventually led to
importing their dependencies and other simple drivers. While porting these
drivers we saw a huge amount of code being duplicated or I must say a
pattern being followed. So we decided to implement a few structures related
to FreeBSD into RTEMS which will help in reducing the porting work required.

I have also written about this in my blog. I have compared the work needed
port with and without these structures implemented.
Please have a look:
Please have a look at the above commit.

The functions implemented are a simpler version of the one implemented in
and are no replacement for them.

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