Doubt regarding thread creation in RTEMS

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Tue Jul 21 13:25:14 UTC 2020

On 21/07/2020 14:36, Richi Dubey wrote:

> Could you please explain what _User_extensions_Thread_start does? It's 
> hard to understand it all by myself since it has a lot of other 
> information related to objects.
> The brief for it says:
> /**
>  * @brief Starts a thread.
>  *
>  * @param created The thread to start.
>  */
> This is exactly what my doubt was. When we unlocked the node by 
> setting the state to ready by calling _Thread_Clear_state_locked, 
> shouldn't the node be scheduled if the scheduler sees it fit? Why are 
> we enabling thread dispatch on the current cpu (Shouldn't it depend on 
> the affinity of the thread)?
> Please tell me what happens in principle after 
> calling _Thread_Clear_state_locked().

I tried to improve the _Thread_Start() description:

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