Proposal: Add BSP documentation to BSP build specification

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Wed Nov 11 09:25:30 UTC 2020


currently, we have a hand crafted chapter with the BSPs and some 
documentation in the User Manual:

I would like to generate this chapter using the BSP build specification 
items, for example:

For this I would introduce a BSP family item which includes the name of 
the family and a description in Sphinx format with sections related to 
all BSPs of the family. For example:

documentation-introduction: |
   This BSP offers only one variant, the `altcycv_devkit`.  This variant 
   the Intel Cyclone V system on chip.  The basic hardware 
initialization is not
   performed by the BSP.  A boot loader with device tree support must be 
used to
   start the BSP, e.g. U-Boot.

   The BSP is known to run on these boards:

   * `Cyclone V SoC Development Kit 

   * `Enclustra Mars MA3 SoC Module 

   * `Terasic DE10-Standard Development Kit 
- header: Boot via U-Boot
   section: |
     The application executable file (ELF file) must be converted to an 
     image.  Use the following commands:

     .. code-block:: none

         arm-rtems5-objcopy -O binary app.exe app.bin
         gzip -9 -f -c app.bin > app.bin.gz
         mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -a 0x00300000 -e 0x00300000 
-n RTEMS -d app.bin.gz app.img

     Use the following U-Boot commands to boot an application via TFTP 

     .. code-block:: none

         tftpboot ${loadaddr} app.img && run loadfdt && bootm 
${loadaddr} - ${fdt_addr} ; reset

     The ``loadfdt`` command may be not defined in your U-Boot 
environment.  Just
     replace it with the appropriate commands to load the device tree at
- header: Clock Driver
   section: |
     The clock driver uses the `Cortex-A9 MPCore Global Timer`.

The BSP items would link to the family item using the new role 
"build-family". This replaces the "family" attribute of the BSP items. 
The BSP items would get a "description" attribute with an optional 
documentation section for this variant.

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