rtems waf, examples, and RTEMS_POSIX_API

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Mon Nov 30 18:56:30 UTC 2020

Hello Joel,

On 30/11/2020 19:40, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>     if rtems.check_posix(bld):
>         bld.recurse('posix_hello_world')
>         bld.recurse('both_hello')
if these examples don't use signals, I would just remove the check.
> I suspect rtems_check_posix() should always return true now and 
> another method named rtems_check_posix_signals() should be added based 
> on the flag.
> Similarly, RTEMS_POSIX_API should probably always be set and another 
> macro provided for POSIX signals.
> The meaning changed without considering the impact. We need to account 
> for this.

If RTEMS_POSIX_API is defined, then all POSIX APIs supported by RTEMS 
are enabled. If you always define it, then this is no longer true.

Applications can use something like:

#if __RTEMS_MAJOR__ >= 5

POSIX threads are always enabled ...


I don't think we need new or changed defines.

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