Configure Options Not Universally Supported (Multiprocessing to Start)

Joel Sherrill joel at
Thu Oct 1 13:05:56 UTC 2020


After the discussion on enable SMP, it occurred to me that the
multiprocessing configuration is only supported by a few BSPs.  Is this one
which also should have to pass a BSP support filter to pass configure?

The BSPs I can think of are psim, leon3 family, and mvme147. There may be
more but as I consider iterating over every option (2^N builds!!), it would
be nice to cut some of these branches off short for both build variations
and any implication of claims to support.

Any other options which should have an architecture/BSP filter?
Paravirtualization is by architecture.

Legacy network should also be filterable by at least architecture but if we
filter by BSP, then we can define the set that needs to be moved to the new
stack. Recognizing a problem is step 1. Making a list is step 2. :)


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