BSP Build Sweep Report (5 Oct)

Joel Sherrill joel at
Mon Oct 5 12:56:52 UTC 2020


The build sweep completed overnight and there were a lot of BSPs which did
not build to completion. This is the summary:

BSPs:    192
Total:   1745 all-bsps-log.txt
Passed:  1532
Failed:  212

Failed autoconf:  178
Failed waf:       34
Failed (NOSMP):   78

The full summary with one line results per build is attached.

A breakdown per architecture is:

     66 arm
     12 powerpc
    114 riscv
     16 sparc
      4 x86_64

Execution time of the entire sweep on an 8 core Xeon. This is a mix of
autoconf, waf, and scripting:

356304.80user 89111.84system 41:43:26elapsed 296%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata
6859544inputs+3400037288outputs (6432major+33833619401minor)pagefaults

It looks like there is a lot to resolve before the switchover can occur.

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