Documentation image source

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Oct 8 01:01:06 UTC 2020


In an update of my rtems-docs.git repo I noticed some new image source formats:

$ find . -name \*.dot

Do we have a policy on what image source types can be used? Any additional image
source needs to support FreeBSD and Linux.

Images can be difficult to get right so I understand there is a need for
flexibility and tolerance but I think we need to consider how we manage the
process and quality so we maintained high quality documentation. For example on
my desktop I cannot read the HTML `bld-deps.png` and clicking on it loads a
small image which is clearer but small. The page is ...

The PDF view looks OK.

I can see we have as image source the following extensions:


Some formats are old and imported so we live with those but maybe we need
tickets to have them move to something that is simpler to maintain.

I see generated .png and .pdf for some images which I am questioning we need.
The user document images I have contributed are only .png files so I am not sure
why a PDF is needed for some.

How are the .dot image sources converted to the required output format(s)? I
cannot see any information on what to do, what packages I need to install and
the options I need. For the puml and ditaa source I contributed I added waf
support, tested on Linux and FreeBSD and update the top level doco.

Sorry to be a pain about this but I think it is better we sort this out before
we all move on and forget how they are created.


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