Building libbsd after installing libbsd

Joel Sherrill joel at
Thu Oct 8 21:24:13 UTC 2020


I am not sure if this is avoidable but it is surprising.

+ build and install rtems to $prefix

+ build and install libbsd to $prefix

+ ./waf will then rebuild some files. It appears to be using installed

+ Then ./waf install and it will also rebuild some files before fails.

I think there is no way to avoid this and waf for libbsd should detect that
it sees headers installed from itself and give an error that you need a
clean $prefix to build.

Just to make sure there wasn't interference between two different BSPs, I
built and installed one followed by a second different one. That went fine.

The behavior is bizarre and the weird compilation errors are mysterious
until you repeat the steps enough to figure it out. Unless someone knows
how the build can avoid this, I think we need an error check early in the
configure process.

I think it is sufficient to check if machine/rtems-bsd-nexus-bus.h is
installed already ad give a nice explanation and failure during configure.


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