[PATCH] shell: Remove not functioning fdisk mount/unmount command

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Sun Oct 11 23:07:45 UTC 2020


As Gedare has said great analysis. Thank you.

I have no idea why I did not test the `fdisk mound/unmount` command, maybe I did
not know it existed, but it has proved to be a good way for us to know the old
interface is not used.

The change is OK to push.

On 10/10/20 3:03 am, Peter Dufault wrote:
> Yes, and you don't want to support two ways to do something if it hasn't been noticed in ten years.

Yes and the mount command I added had a universal way to pass in specific file
system options.


>> On Oct 9, 2020, at 11:37 , Gedare Bloom <gedare at rtems.org> wrote:
>> Excellent analysis. I would like Chris to weigh in, but the rationale
>> to remove instead of try to fix makes sense because it is basically an
>> undocumented shell API.

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