Remove implementation-specific inline functions with exactly one caller?

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Tue Oct 13 11:40:55 UTC 2020


we have a couple of implementation-specific inline functions defined in 
header files which have exactly one caller. I think we should remove 
these functions in general, to reduce the lines of code, making code 
review easier, and reduce the number of functions which need 
documentation. If it makes the caller site more clear, then we should 
place them in the source file of the caller. Examples:

cpukit/rtems/src/partcreate.c:  the_partition = _Partition_Allocate();
Partition_Control *_Partition_Allocate ( void )

cpukit/include/rtems/rtems/regionimpl.h:RTEMS_INLINE_ROUTINE bool 
_Region_Free_segment (
cpukit/rtems/src/regionreturnsegment.c:  if ( _Region_Free_segment( 
the_region, segment ) ) {

cpukit/sapi/src/extensiondelete.c:  the_extension = _Extension_Get( id );
Extension_Control *_Extension_Get( Objects_Id id )

cpukit/sapi/src/extensioncreate.c:  the_extension = _Extension_Allocate();
Extension_Control *_Extension_Allocate( void )

cpukit/sapi/src/extensiondelete.c:    _Extension_Free( the_extension );
cpukit/include/rtems/extensionimpl.h:RTEMS_INLINE_ROUTINE void 
_Extension_Free (

What do you think?

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