Beagle SPI driver update

Niteesh G. S. at
Wed Oct 14 07:09:05 UTC 2020


First of all really sorry for the long delay, I am preparing for a robotics
and it eats up most of my free time.

I finally got a logic analyzer and tested the SPI driver using it. And as
expected the
waveforms weren't right. To understand the device better and also to narrow
the problem I decided to write a simple polled driver. This driver can be


This way I was able to get my first byte pushed but the succeeding bytes
time out. I
added the time out to make sure the pushed data is transferred before
getting overwritten
by the succeeding bytes. I also checked other drivers to make sure adding a
timeout is
On removing the timeout I was able to get all my bytes pushed successfully.
This was verified using the logic analyzer. But on using the timeout I face
the mentioned
problem. I even tried decreasing the time but still, I face the same issue.
What could be causing the problem? Is there any other way to debug this?

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