BSP maintenance (was Re: set_vector() on SPARC)

Thomas Doerfler thomas.doerfler at
Tue Oct 20 06:52:15 UTC 2020


hm, isn't this something related to our tiering of architectures/BSPs?
Those who have a maintainer/test board should detect any fault due to
the proposed change rather soon/at the next regular test. Those who are
not in constant testing... well they are not tier 1, right?



Am 20.10.20 um 04:32 schrieb Chris Johns:
> If these architectures are not being maintained as you suggest where do we
> document this and how do we inform the users?
> If you did update the architectures to remove set_vector are they now maintained?
> Is updating the code without being able to test the changes maintaining an
> architecture or BSP or do we require some level of testing?

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