Coverity Scan on Master (See #4167)

Joel Sherrill joel at
Thu Oct 29 15:32:39 UTC 2020


I have been running Coverity Scan on the 5 branch but wanted to switch to
the master. THe changes to rtems5 have slowed and any attempts to fix the
types of issues static analysis finds will certainly be on the master
mainly  Switching to the masterresulted in the Scan utilities not being
able to produce any analysis results. After emailing the gcc mailing list
and trying gcc 7, 8, 9, and 10 with Scan, I determined that Scan does not
work with GCC 10. I am suspicious it is the move to two digits. The newest
Scan binary is from 2019 and GCC 10 was released in May 2020.

I have not uploaded anything yet but it looks like I can produce Scan
results on rtems master using waf builds but only with GCC 9.

I'm leaning to switching the analysis to the master even though I will have
to use the specially built GCC 9.

Comments and thoughts appreciated.

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