New coding style for new files?

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Mon Sep 7 06:06:41 UTC 2020


I think we waste too much time to address coding style issues on newly 
contributed code, for example GSoC. I don't know a source code 
formatting tool which supports the RTEMS coding style and I think it is 
not worth the time to write and maintain such a tool specifically for 
RTEMS. Why don't we simply allow an alternative coding style which has a 
good code formatter for new source files? I don't propose to reformat 
the existing files.

I would simply pick up one of the standard styles supported by 
clang-format and declare it as an acceptable coding style for RTEMS. 
Then students can pipe their code through it before they send it for 
review. This helps to concentrate on the important things to review and 
not the white space.

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