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Wed Sep 9 11:38:38 UTC 2020

On 09/09/2020 02:29, Chris Johns wrote:
>>     > Also I am not sure but hopefully the test reports do accurately reflect
>>     host OS.
>>     There is a "Host" section at the top of the results log? It is just `uname -a`.
>> I think that's sufficient as long as it can distinguish Linux distributions. 
> Does Linux or Python on Linux provide a common means to find what distribution
> you are on? Do distributions based on another distro make a suitable the
> separation? A Linux distro expert will need to guide this. I have no idea.

In theory there is the platform.linux_distribution() in python:

But on my OpenSUSE 15.1 that failed to provide anything. Beneath that it
seems to be deprecated since Python 3.5.

A newer package that want to provide this functionality is "distro":

Beneath that module, there is "/etc/os-release". It's a standard file
for systemd. So most likely most distros have it now:

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