New coding style for new files?

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Fri Sep 11 00:33:35 UTC 2020

On Thu, Sep 10, 2020, 5:22 PM Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:

> On 11/9/20 1:32 am, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> > I also think when doing this we should consider things that we do that
> > we have since learned safety standards don't like such as single
> statement
> > if's without braces. I think we should have braces now.
> Are there open tools available that check for these things available? Does
> this
> have to be linked to changing the format?

This should be an option. Requiring braces on all ifs isn't uncommon.

I think the justification.for picking a format is being driven by having a
tool to enforce it. I'd that's the sole factor, we can pick any old crappy
format and meet that single requirement.

I want to add the requirement that the format is not picked solely based on
being something a tool already has a config file on. I am adding two

(1) Clear identification of deltas from current style. If tools A and B
miss by different amounts, I want us to.make a conscious decision on which
to use.

(2) Let's make sure we look at tool configuration options like always
use.bracea that improve safety code reviews.

 I don't mind some.changes -- I just.want them to be consciously evaluated.


> Chris
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