Not Really Duplicates on build@ Mailing Lists

Joel Sherrill joel at
Mon Sep 28 13:57:55 UTC 2020


If you look at the build@ logs, you will see some apparently duplicate test
reports. Well we hope they are duplicates. Otherwise waf and autoconf
builds are not the same. :)

I have updated my script to handle waf and autoconf builds. Based on which
files are present, it builds one way or both. This includes running the
tests. It builds the same BSP in the same configuration with both build
systems back to back.

Once all the bugs are out of this pass, I intend to build every BSP with
both systems and then iterate over a number of configurations for every BSP.

FWIW my build_bsp script takes simple arguments to toggle build settings.
It was easy to use these to drive waf ini settings and --enable/disable. I
still contend it would be easy to provide a script to map a configure
command onto a config.ini file.

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