Error while using the trace linker

Utkarsh Rai utkarsh.rai60 at
Mon Sep 28 16:57:10 UTC 2020

I am following the tracing example as mentioned in the docs
<> for
sparc/erc32 BSP.  When I run the "rtems-tld" command, I get the following
error - "error: /home/utkarsh/sandbox/bsps/sparc: Invalid RTEMS path"

My directory structure is -
|-$HOME- | - sandbox -|- bsps -  |-sparc
                                     | - rtems
                                     | - rsb

I have used the exact command as mentioned in the example with changes made
according to my installation from the top of the BSP installation
directory. The rtems-path in the fileio-trace.ini file is set to

I know I am making a very simple mistake but  just can't seem to put my
finger on it. Can someone point what is it that I am doing wrong?
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