Canonical List of BSPs with SMP Support?

Joel Sherrill joel at
Wed Sep 30 22:29:38 UTC 2020


I think we need to discuss what's the expected behavior when you configure
SMP for a target that doesn't support SMP or BSP that doesn't in an
architecture that does.

Temporarily ,I would like to know what's the official list of BSPs with SMP
support so I can focus on what should work rather than odd differences
which we don't yet have a defined behavior for.

It appears that the waf and autoconf build systems fail differently when
SMP is enabled for a BSP that does not support SMP.  This should finish
overnight but the current status is:

BSPs:    145
Total:   1083 all-bsps-log.txt
Passed:  668
Failed:  414

Failed autoconf:  168
Failed waf:       246
Failed (NOSMP):   16

That means that ~80 BSPs so far have successfully built with SMP enabled
even though waf fails them. It also means that both build systems silently
ignore enable SMP when it is not supported by the architecture.

I think we need to agree on the behavior for these two cases. My proposal
would be a hard failure in both cases during configure.

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