[PATCH v2 0/2] powerpc/shared/console: Console baud rate fixes

dufault at hda.com dufault at hda.com
Sat Apr 10 12:47:00 UTC 2021

> On Apr 10, 2021, at 08:41 , <dufault at hda.com> <dufault at hda.com> wrote:
> The "powerpc/shared/console" code has the start-up console value fixed
> at 9600 baud.  This changes the hard-wired constant "9600" in the code
> to the configuration setting "BSP_CONSOLE_BAUD" and adds configuration
> support in both the "waf" and the legacy configuration systems.
> In addition, once the shared console baud rate can be set to start at
> anything other than 9600 the termios code will reset it to 9600 at the
> first open.

I did this over incorporating both patches and using "git send-email" from my "git" server.  Joel told me it appeared I'd cut-and-pasted the previous patch.  I hadn't, I imported it into Apple mail as "mbox" format and then sent it.  I don't know if it was the import or the fact it was digitally signed that looked odd.

At any rate, this patch should at least be received properly.

Peter Dufault
HD Associates, Inc.      Software and System Engineering

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