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Vijay Kumar Banerjee vijay at
Fri Feb 5 18:41:33 UTC 2021


I'm currently working on separating the libnetworking stack into its
standalone repository that can be built separately with waf. The current
status of the project is that I have a working rtems-libnetworking
repository [1] that builds with waf (hasn't been tested with any test cases
yet). And In my fork of RTEMS I have separated the libnetworking stack [2].

I need suggestions with the following questions:

1. What to do with the codes in RTEMS outside the libnetworking stack,
which uses the networking library. Libraries for example libpppd uses
libnetworking. Do we want to shift these to the separate repository for
libnetworking or do we want to keep them in RTEMS and use the waf system to
selectively built those when the libnetworking is available in PREFIX. We
can add a common header file that #defines RTEMS_NETWORKING, so that the
related codes can be built and used.

2. There are a few header files in cpukit/include that are required by the
libnetworking stack. Currently the rtems-libnetworking is building in sort
of a hackish way by using the header file from the RTEMS source directory.
Do we want to add these header files (like tftp.h) and related source files
to the libnetworking directory? The other way to use them would be to
install the required headers in the PREFIX and use them from libnetworking.

Any suggestions regarding these questions is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

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