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> Hello there,
> I am interested in contributing to a few topics but I don't know what is
> the current status and future enhancements you are looking for so if you
> can guide me it would be a big help.
>  1. Tracing
>            1. #3028 :  Run-Time Tracing

This works for getting a snapshot of tracing information from the target
system, converting it to the Eclipse input format, and displaying it. We
have a utility in rtems tools which listens to the target from the network
and writes a file

What's missing now is live tracing. Look that up for Linux Trace Toolkit.
They have a utility which listens to the target and writes the live stream
for Eclipse. For RTEMS, our utility or another one derived from it would
have to listen to the target and write the stream. The target code to send
the data may need tinkering to do it continuously.

Live streaming should be a matter of assembling pieces and filling in gaps.
You would want to start by using Eclipse to see streams from RTEMS as it
does them today and live stream from Linux.

>            2 .#3326 : Eclipse Target Communication Framework Support

I worked some on TCF this past year and what is going to need work isn't
worth the payoff. We would need to rework libdebugger to integrate with the
gdb command processor it provides.

>  2.  #4162 : SiFive RISC-V HiFive Unleashed BSP (Qemu)

I don't know how much can be reused from other BSPs. Would need to verify
how much of the board is simulated by qemu and what peripherals are porting
versus new

We do not have a RISC-V BSP with networking so this is nice. We need to
assess whether this is doable or how much in GSoC timeframe

Good project though

 3.  #3302 : Build System conversion of BSP Config (.cfg) files to
> pkg-config (.pc) files

I don't know the status of this. I thought we had these working. At least I
don't know what's broken.

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