Remaining Waf Conversion Tickets for Community and GSoC Students

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Feb 10 23:20:57 UTC 2021

On 10/2/21 4:20 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 08/02/2021 10:40, Chris Johns wrote:
>>> It is written in Python 3.6.
>> We still need to support python 2. Maybe having this file support both could be
>> part of the project.
> I think this BSP builder is a development tool which can use Python 3. It is
> useful to maintain RTEMS, but it is not a tool required for end users of RTEMS
> to develop applications. Independent of this, the Python 2 end of life was a
> year ago.

This idea has real merit and it is pragmatic. Keeping rtems-central as python3
makes sense and it also makes sense to not pollute it with python2 code.

Sebastian are you able to have rtems-central export the needed files to the
rtemstoolkit in rtems-tools?

>> Access to all the configure data makes a new problem for the BSP builder, being
>> able to vary all options a BSP has? We would not want to do this so what would
>> we want?
> It should be enough to test all BSP variants, everything else will face a
> combinatorial explosion.

Yes for regression testing we need to decide on a base line set of options that
are checked and must work that does not create a mega build.

I also think a way to run option combinations for a BSP maybe good to have. For
example a developer may want to check an option is working by having the bsp
builder iterate over a set of options.


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