gensh1 issues

Joel Sherrill joel at
Sun Feb 14 18:24:16 UTC 2021


I thought I would start checking in on some of the secondary target BSPs
that run on gdb. Something is broken in the waf build for this.

1) gensh1/start/start.s is not in the build but start.o is referenced in

2) When I look at an executable, the start code is not from start.o but
addr2line says it is from crtstuff.o. Not sure where that comes from.

Since it doesn't have the right start file, it won't run. The address range
looks OK but the start code (whether it is from), doesn't end up very near
the base of RAM as I would expect.

I added start.S to the waf build but it didn't change the resulting

Any pointers would be appreciated.


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