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Joel Sherrill joel at
Thu Jan 28 14:00:41 UTC 2021


I think it is probably time to put running Coverity in a cron job. If I am
reading their FAQ correctly, they say we are submitting analysis of 271K
SLOC of code which gives us 3 runs a day.

I'm thinking I will reuse some code from the build sweeper to deal with
tool updates and detecting RTEMS changes. If neither changes, there is no
need for a run.

Are there any 3 times which would be better? I'm leaning towards the runs
being 8 hours apart but hopefully managing to get two which provide
feedback during a business day in US, EU, and AU. I'm not sure there is a
set of times which does more than give a new run when you arrive for work
and one later:

+ midnight HSV, 700am EU, 1am Sydney (next day)
+ 8am HSV, 3pm EU, 9am Sydney
+ 4pm HSV, 11pm EU, 5pm Sydney

Assuming that I did the time math right, Ideas on a schedule that gives a
chance to see two runs a day?

If the script detects changes and does nothing, it could run more
frequently but that potentially could result in 3 quick runs (say 1-2 hours
apart) and none until the next day. Given our commit frequency, a
conditional run every hour might work OK.

Any thoughts on me doing this and a schedule?

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