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> On 28/01/2021 15:00, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> > Any thoughts on me doing this and a schedule?
> Doing this would be great.

Long overdue even. :)

I also need to move to the big sweep being run from cron. I now start it
manually on CentOS, FreeBSD, and Ubuntu and try to remember to do it
every Friday afternoon.

Moving it to cron would also encourage me to schedule 6 and 7 build sweeps
on different parts of the week. Maybe Tuesday for 7 and Friday for 6. It
takes most
of that time to finish on the slower machines.

> It would be definitely nice to get an early
> feedback after code changes. I think once per day should be more than
> enough.

 I am leaning to running the script every 4 hours. If the RSB or RTEMS
changed, it will not do anything. If RTEMS changed, it builds RTEMS using
If RSB changed, it builds new tools and then builds RTEMS using coverity. I
the machine could safely handle this running every hour but I don't think
we need
that and it will impact over test sweeps.

Every four hours should let everyone have reasonably fresh results when
they get
to work and possibly turn over two more runs before calling it a day.

This would effectively let us Scan up to 3 batches of commits. Worst case
is that
we could have to wait 12 hours if the rare event of everyone committing
early in a
day (from their perspective).

Honestly, our commits are usually spaced out enough that I believe we will
hit the job limit and have reasonably turnaround on runs.


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