About HEAP error

Richi Dubey richidubey at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 05:52:52 UTC 2021


I get this error on sp02:

*** FATAL ***
fatal source: 13 (RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_HEAP)
CPU: 0
fatal code: 2125180 (0x00206d7c)
RTEMS version:
RTEMS tools: 10.2.1 20210125 (RTEMS 6, RSB
ade089253e70d75105a8311844f82f6d20cc30a8, Newlib cb41c37)
executing thread ID: 0x08a010001
executing thread name: UI1

On checking docs, it says the fatal code indicates address of heap context.
I could not find any further information about this. How do I use 2125180
(0x00206d7c) to get more information about my error? Please advise.
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