[PATCH] wscript: Add post-build processing support

Kinsey Moore kinsey.moore at oarcorp.com
Thu Mar 4 18:18:46 UTC 2021

Hi Gedare,

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> Hi Kinsey,
> On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 9:32 AM Kinsey Moore <kinsey.moore at oarcorp.com> wrote:
>> Currently, I’m using it to perform automated u-boot packaging of all the test executables in my development branch and CI versus having to manually generate these images or managing external scripts to do the automated packaging. I'm on the fence as to whether I submit that portion for merging since it adds extra dependencies on the u-boot tools and doesn't/can't build images for non-test applications. I thought this might be useful to have in the public repo but if not that's fine, too.
> This sounds a lot like the old bsp-post-link target we had. Has that
> gone away in the new build system, and is this a suggestion to replace
> it?

That's the kind of functionality I was going for. I didn't see a way to accomplish this in the waf build system, hence the patch. It's entirely possible I just missed the functionality somewhere, though.

> As a side note, I don't intend to ask questions to discourage merging,
> I just want clarification and often the historical reasons to include
> things are important later on for others who want to dig back to
> figure out why something exists.

Understood, no problem.


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