Checking Status of My Outstanding Patches

Ryan Long ryan.long at
Fri Mar 5 18:19:05 UTC 2021


Since I've sent a lot of patches this week, I just want to verify which are ready to be merged and what needs to be resubmitted.

Ready to be merged:

                Grlib patches:

  *   grspw.c
  *   gr_rasta_spw_router.c
  *   gr_rasta_tmtc.c
  *   gr_leon4_n2x.c
  *   gr_701.c
  *   gr_cpci_gr740.c
  *   satcan.c
  *   b1553brm.c
  *   grcan.c
  *   gr_rasta_adcdac.c (was accidentally labeled as gr_rasta_tmtc.c in commit message)
  *   gr_tmtc_1553.c
  *   grtc.c

                Missing break in switch

     *   pci_cfg_read.c
     *   cpuusagetop.c

What needs to be resubmitted:

  *   Unchecked return value from library
     *   gen_uuid.c
     *   cpuusagetop.c
  *   Unchecked return value
     *   main_edit.c

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