[PATCH v2] covoar: Handle periods in symbols from objdump

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Mar 15 23:39:00 UTC 2021

On 16/3/21 9:04 am, Alex White wrote:
> Occasionally the compiler will generate symbols that look similar to
> symbols defined in RTEMS code except that they contain some suffix.
> This looks to be related to compiler optimizations. Such symbols were
> being treated as unique. For our purposes, they should be mapped to
> the equivalent symbols in the DWARF info. This has been fixed.

Is this specific to an architecture or common to all?
What does the suffix look like that is being stripped?
Are the symbols in the ELF symbols table or just in the DWARF data?

I am not objecting to the change but I think this commit messages would be a
better long term help if it carried some more detail. The questions I have
provided are an example of might be useful to add.


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