[PATCH v3] covoar: Handle periods in symbols from objdump

Alex White alex.white at oarcorp.com
Tue Mar 16 21:47:03 UTC 2021

> Do any non-compiler-generated symbols include "."?

Yes, according to the output of nm:

$ i386-rtems6-nm build/i386/pc686/testsuites/libtests/block08.exe | grep " \."
0011bdd2 t .check_stack_switch

I don't think there are any function symbols that include ".", though.

> Are there symbols that start with a "." that might be caught? I know we do
> this in assembly programming often, e.g., ".vectors", although probably it is
> unlikely to appear in C/asm I just want to be thorough.

I didn't spot any when I looked:

$ grep -r "PUBLIC\s*(\." --exclude-dir=build

I guess it is possible, though. I'm not sure how I would properly handle it. Currently, covoar would just chop off everything after the ".", fail to find a coverage map, log an error, and move on.

Do we think that is good enough?


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