Two Resource Leaks

Joel Sherrill joel at
Fri Mar 26 21:51:32 UTC 2021


Jennifer has been working on a network driver and had some odd failures in
libbsd. I suggested turning on rtems debug and that caused a number of
libbsd tests to fail. She pointed me in the right direction and I found
that the following patch resulted in the stack address being freed
including an "align up" adjustment in some cases. This looks to be from
something Sebastian committed early this month.

I am not sure how that wasn't noticed since about 40 tests were failing on
psim due to that.

I have attached a straightforward patch to address this issue.

Unfortunately, even with this patch and using the RTEMS hash just before
this patch program01 and syscalls01 in libbsd fail. I debugged into
syscalls01 enough to find that there are 7 blocks at the beginning of one
of the tests and 5 after. There is another leak and I tried using the has
before Sebastian's change above but it is still leaking.

On top of that, psxconfig01 and spconfig01 are failing on psim which
appears to be independent. I am not sure what these are but it is something
about minimum stack size not matching. Since I was looking for stack memory
issues, I started to investigate these but decided they were not
allocation/free issues.

Help really appreciated in addressing these leaks.


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