Are there any operations may influence WFI instruction?

jameszxj jameszxj at
Sat May 1 13:17:06 UTC 2021

   I run rtems6 on my imx6ull board, just initialize a GPT timer to flash a LED.  I load rtems with barebox, after output some initialized messages, system enters shell and stalls, interrupt(GPT timer, arch7 timer for tick) do not happen again. Shell (connect to UART1,interrupt mode) still works, when I type something, the LED flashes. It seems that system only responses to UART1 interrupt, and triggers the other interrupts respones. I remove wfi instruction from idle task, system runs ok.
And when I replace barebox with uboot, everything seems OK. I think maybe some initialized differences between barebox and uboot, but I haven't find any clues that  may influence WFI.

 Any suggestion?
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