[PATCH 00/12] Support gcov instrumentation

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Fri Jul 1 06:03:22 UTC 2022

On 01.07.22 07:38, Chris Johns wrote:
>>> If this enable is specific to GCC's gcov then maybe we should clearly label it
>>> as that and avoid overloading the term and any possible confusion that might
>>> bring. For example RTEMS_GCOV_CONVERGE?
>> It is not per se specific to GCC. Maybe we should name it
> What if another approach to instrumented coverage is developed?
> Why the reluctance to RTEMS_GCOV_COVERAGE? I like it because it is direct.

Ok, I rename it to RTEMS_GCOV_COVERAGE.

>>>> The user can fine tune the build through the
>>> How would the LTO fat options be added? Would the pattern for
>> Do you have to specify the compiler flags also during linking if you use LTO?
> You add `-flto -ffat-lto-objects` to build the object files so they then contain
> the data the lto pass in the linker needs to optimise across the object files.

The COVERAGE_LINKER_FLAGS are for the linking step. Are you required to 
pass the compiler flags during linking if you use LTO?

> I am encouraged by some of the generated code I have reviewed. I like what it does.
>>> I am a little lost with the difference between LIBRARY_OPTIMIZATION_FLAGS and
>>> OPTIMIZATION_FLAGS? RTEMS is always a library so what is difference between
>>> them? Are the OPTIMIZATION_FLAGS the "-O" ones and still something I can set
>>> from an INI file?
>> Currently the OPTIMIZATION_FLAGS are used for all code (code for libraries and
>> code for tests).  With this change you can build the libraries with -O0 and the
>> tests with -O2 for example.
> Oh so if I understand this the LIBRARY_OPTIMIZATION_FLAGS are per library?

Not per library, the LIBRARY_OPTIMIZATION_FLAGS are used for all 
libraries in bsps and cpukit.

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