[RSB 1/3] 6/7: Update Newlib

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Wed Jul 20 00:24:30 UTC 2022

On 19/7/2022 5:18 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 13/07/2022 11:24, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> This makes the --enable-newlib-reent-thread-local (_REENT_THREAD_LOCAL_STORAGE)
>> Newlib configuration option available.
> Any comments with respect to using the Newlib thread-local storage configuration
> option for arm, i386, microblaze, nios2, powerpc, riscv, and sparc?

Do these archs have working TLS support? It seems Microblaze has issues which
our tests are not picking up. It would be good to know why our tests are not
picking up the reported problem.

Which archs in the list have you run the testsuite on?

Has any of newlib's tests been run? Can we run newlib tests?

Did the switch to TLS exceptions end up on 6? I cannot see anything in the RSB
commit history mentioning it.

Are these TLS allocations in newlib based on a single use of a newlib call that
brings in the reent stuff? How does that work?

Does this change effect libdl users? TLS has not been implemented in libdl and
the current reent model still works for those users dependent on libdl

> I was a bit of work to add this Newlib option (about 50 patches).

I am sure.


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