[libbsd 00/22] Remove FreeBSD file descriptors and avoid VFS

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Mon Jul 25 06:12:01 UTC 2022

On 11/07/2022 15:04, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 24/06/2022 08:33, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> This patch set removes the FreeBSD file descriptors.  The VFS is no 
>> longer used
>> if only the USB, SD/MMC, network, PCI, and NVMe support is used by the
>> application.  This change significantly reduce the memory usage of 
>> LibBSD for
>> these applications.  Using the media01 test case for the arm/lpc32xx 
>> BSP as a
>> benchmark, the heap usage dropped from 14.3MiB to 10.2MiB.  The "_BSD
>> bufdaemon", "_BSD vnlru", "_BSD syncer", and "_BSD bufspacedaemon-" 
>> tasks are
>> no longer present in media01.  The code size is reduced by about 
>> 8KiB.  The
>> data size is reduced by about 30KiB.  The throughput with a simple FTP 
>> test
>> increased by about 1%.
>> The "Remove FreeBSD file descriptors" change removes more lines than 
>> there are
>> added.
>> This change makes it easier to port the NFS support to the master 
>> branch since
>> now the changes are more localized.
> I have a target with only 8MiB of RAM (for code and data). So, this 
> patch set is not just a micro optimization.

This pending patch set is currently a blocker for me. I would like to 
work on the NTP daemon integration and an update of the libbsd master 
branch to a more recent FreeBSD version. This patch set just restores 
what worked well for several years.

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