GCC version for RTEMS 6?

Karel Gardas karel at functional.vision
Thu May 5 09:15:32 UTC 2022

On 5/5/22 01:32, Chris Johns wrote:
> On 4/5/2022 8:57 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> On 04/05/2022 09:11, Chris Johns wrote:
>>>> I updated the RTEMS 7 tools to use the GCC 12 release branch with a gcov back
>>>> port. You can test GCC 12 with a local patch for RTEMS 6:
>>>> diff --git a/rtems/config/6/rtems-default.bset
>>>> b/rtems/config/6/rtems-default.bset
>>>> index 731c9d8..381f916 100644
>>>> --- a/rtems/config/6/rtems-default.bset
>>>> +++ b/rtems/config/6/rtems-default.bset
>>>> @@ -15,5 +15,5 @@ devel/gmp-6.2.1
>>>>    tools/rtems-gdb-11.2
>>>>    tools/rtems-binutils-2.38
>>>> -tools/rtems-gcc-10-newlib-head
>>>> +tools/rtems-gcc-head-newlib-head
>>>>    tools/rtems-tools-6
>>> Ah ok and thanks. I will take a look and report back. It will take a couple of
>>> days for me to work through this.
>> Ok, thanks.
>>> It would be nice to be able to handle this without changing anything.
>> I can commit this change if it helps.
> This assumes it is ok and I prefer we get posted test results before such a
> change. Until we have this we need to wait until we all each do a level of
> testing we are happy with. A solution that lets us test would steam line this.
> I think this is a use case where something added to the RSB may be required to
> make this easier. For example logic in a bset file would be nice.

Your idea is excellent, but I think we also may need something more 
simple and history preserving for the time releases are already done.

Hence I sent a patch series creating config/6.1 as a preparation for 6.1 
release with gcc 10 and update 6 (as a 6 branch dev) with Sebastian's 
updated GCC 12).

Just meant as material for discussion.


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