[PATCH rtems-lwip] lwip: Split sources into origin directories

Vijay Kumar Banerjee vijay at rtems.org
Thu May 12 21:30:00 UTC 2022

On Sat, Apr 16, 2022 at 10:48 AM Pavel Pisa <ppisa4lists at pikron.com> wrote:
> Hello Joel,
> On Saturday 16 of April 2022 17:26:02 Joel Sherrill wrote:
> > On Sat, Apr 16, 2022, 9:54 AM Pavel Pisa <ppisa4lists at pikron.com> wrote:
> > > On Thursday 14 of April 2022 22:08:00 Vijay Kumar Banerjee wrote:
> > > >  rename {lwip => uLan}/ports/os/lwipopts.h (100%)
> > > >
> > > > >  rename {lwip => uLan}/ports/os/rtems/arch/cc.h (100%)
> > > > >  rename {lwip => uLan}/ports/os/rtems/arch/perf.h (100%)
> > > > >  rename {lwip => uLan}/ports/os/rtems/arch/sys_arch.c (100%)
> > > > >  rename {lwip => uLan}/ports/os/rtems/arch/sys_arch.h (100%)
> >
> > Ok. Any suggestions for a directory name? :)
> I am not in the full sync and I have lost the tracks where
> are all RTEMS LwIP repo copies.
> Do we speak about https://git.rtems.org/vijay/rtems-lwip.git ?


> If it is that way then LwIP uses practice to put integration
> stuff into "ports" directory so I would leave the structure
> under LwIP as it is
>   ports/os/rtems/arch/sys_arch.c
> Or if you want to somehow separate sources into more repos
> then possible but would complicate keep the drivers and targets
> in a sync in future.  I am losing tracks of the build tools etc...
> I hope that when it settles the simple instructions
> would be added on the integration page
>   https://devel.rtems.org/wiki/Packages/LWIP
> If you need to move ports/os/rtems/arch/sys_arch.c under some directory,
> then it should be something like
>   rtems-support/ports/os/rtems/arch/sys_arch.c
This would be a good idea. We can put all RTEMS-related ports into a
separate directory. If there's any driver-specific port, that can also
be added there and waf can be taught to pick up the right one
according to the target.

> if the code can be used over all RTEMS targets. Which should be
> a goal anyway and I have initiated it such way years ago.
> But I am not sure why to not let code in the actual
> lwip/ports/drivers together as well. I see that
> in devel branch is the most of our TMS570 code wiped
> out... hmm.. why. There is
>  lwip/ports/drivers/bbb
> this location seems to me as OK.
> In the suggested changes is
> {lwip/ports/drivers => uLan/ports/driver/tms570_emac}/phy_dp83848h.c
> I agree with move of all TMS570 specific code under
>   <whatever start>/ports/driver/tms570_emac

I agree with this approach, as it allows adding sources with
problematic license (like STM) into its own directory and a warning
can be added to waf while building those targets.

> Again if all these shuffles are done only for some license changes
> I would prefer to be noticed and I think that I would not be blocked
> by any of my former studnets nor the faculty to relicense code.
> I would inform the faculty (where I am only left from former group,
> where I have lead part of this development, part was at my company)
> as well as students.
> I would prefer if real developer names who invested time into work
> are included at least as Authors in the files but the copyright can
> be moved to RTEMS foundation or whatever.
> But as I have said I have lost track and hope that stuff will survive
> in some form till the time when I have some free time or studnet
> to work on the project as his/her theses, GSoC etc...
> I have used the code with external OMK make, I agree that this
> is not right way forward but I wait for outcome of these who
> have more experience with RSB and related tools and propose
> integration.
> Best wishes,
> Pavel

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