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Testing using renode docs. Consists of how to install it and how to add
new configuration to test BSP using renode.

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+Testing Using Renode
+`Renode <https://renode.io>`_ is one of the simulators supported for testing
+BSPs using rtems-test. Currently, two BSPs are supported
+for testing via Renode: RISCV Kendryte K210 and SPARC Leon3. To use it,
+the host computer needs to have the necessary dependencies installed.
+1. Mono
+   Renode requires Mono >= 5.20 (Linux, macOS) or .NET >= 4.7 (Windows).
+   .. csv-table::
+       :delim: |
+       **Linux** | Install the ``mono-complete`` package as per the installation instructions for various Linux distributions, which can be found on `the Mono project website <https://www.mono-project.com/download/stable/#download-lin>`_.
+       **macOS** | On macOS, the Mono package can be downloaded directly from `the Mono project website <https://download.mono-project.com/archive/mdk-latest-stable.pkg>`_.
+       **Windows** | On Windows 7, download and install `.NET Framework 4.7 <https://www.microsoft.com/net/download/dotnet-framework-runtime>`_. Windows 10 ships with .NET by default, so no action is required.
+2. Other dependencies (Linux only)
+   On Ubuntu 20.04, you can install the remaining dependencies with the following command::
+      $ sudo apt-get install policykit-1 libgtk2.0-0 screen uml-utilities gtk-sharp2 libc6-dev gcc python3 python3-pip
+   If you are running a different distribution, you will need to install an analogous list of packages using your package manager; note that the package names may differ slightly.
+Installing Renode
+All the dependencies are installed, you can go install Renode using the RTEMS Source Builder (the RSB).
+First, ``cd`` into the place where you put your RSB directory. Then you install Renode as follows::
+$ cd source-builder
+$ ../source-builder/sb-set-builder --prefix=$YOUR_PREFIX --trace --bset-tar-file renode
+Adding New BSP Test Config
+The implementation of Renode testing in ``rtems-test`` can be found in the rtems-tools repository
+at ``tester/rtems/renode`` folder. This folder contains all the ``resc`` scripts used to configure
+BSP testing with Renode. To add a new test configuration, you first need to check if the BSP is
+supported by Renode. You can do this by visiting `Renode's page that lists all supported boards 
+If the board is listed there, you'll likely find an example ``resc`` script for a simple 
+testing configuration for the BSP in `Renode's GitHub repository 
+<https://github.com/renode/renode/tree/master/scripts/single-node>`_. You can then copy the 
+configuration to a new resc file in ``tester/rtems/renode``. The additional configuration that
+you need to add for it to work is the following::
+  showAnalyzer "uartAnalyzer" uart Antmicro.Renode.Analyzers.LoggingUartAnalyzer
+  uartAnalyzer TimestampFormat None
+  set report_repeating_line """
+  from Antmicro.Renode.Logging import ConsoleBackend 
+  ConsoleBackend.Instance.ReportRepeatingLines = True
+  """
+  set add_hook """
+  def my_match(line):
+      ok_to_kill_lines = [
+          '*** TEST STATE: USER_INPUT',
+          '*** TEST STATE: BENCHMARK',
+          '*** END OF TEST ',
+          '*** FATAL ***'
+      ]
+      return any(l in line for l in ok_to_kill_lines)
+  def my_hook(line):
+      print line
+      monitor.Parse("q")
+  Antmicro.Renode.Hooks.UartHooksExtensions.AddLineHook(monitor.Machine["sysbus.uart"], my_match, my_hook)
+  """
+  python $add_hook
+  python $report_repeating_line 
+You need to add the above script configuration just before the ELF is loaded. In many cases,
+this is before the ``sysbus LoadELF`` line. The additional configuration is used to terminate the
+test according to the configuration of ``rtems-test`` and to map the test output to stdout.
+The next step is to delete the ``$bin`` variable definition from the example script. 
+This is because the ``$bin`` variable will be supplied via the ``renode.cfg`` file as the test binary.

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