GSoC project suggestion for the BSP Raspberry pi 4B aarch64

Noor Aman nooraman5718 at
Sat Feb 18 17:08:30 UTC 2023

Hey everyone,
Last year I helped with the porting of RTEMS-aarch64 for Raspberry Pi 4B
with Kinsey, Alan and Hesham. I'm looking forward to continuing my project
further. As of now, I have 2 projects in my mind.

1. Bringing in multicore support for the BSP.
This can be achieved by one of the 2 methods which I know as of now.
- By using PSCI via TF-A (Currently implemented in Zync MPSoC).
- By adding support directly to the start.S file.

2. Add Ethernet support for the BSP
- This can be done by importing the Genet driver which is used by freeBSD
for the board. ( )
- This is all I know as of now about this idea.

To be honest, I'm not that very familiar with either RTEMS-libbsd or TF-A.
I did try to use libbsd with RPi4B. Some of the exe ran fine, like crypto01
and openssl, but I dont have the exact idea about the rest of the
testsuites. I'm open to any further ideas. Your suggestions are most

Thank you. Regards
Mohd Noor Aman
Tinkering with Hardware
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