microblaze 2nd timer

Sam Price thesamprice at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 03:14:02 UTC 2023

I wanted to add secondary timer support to the microblaze bsp.
I have an initial working change to the rtems source here


And an initial test example here
Unsure how to integrate this test into rtems test framework.

I renamed bsp/timer.h to bsp/microblaze-timer.h at
Hoping this would avoid polluting the namespace?
timer.h seemed generic to me.
There seems to be a mix of names for this approach....

The microblaze shares a single interrupt vector for all interrupts.
Also the timers share the same timer interrupt vector so you have to
check both of their registers.

I would like to do a follow up to this getting the timer tests to use
the microblaze counter.

Does this look ready for a patch?  Should I follow the patch
instructions and submit?


Sam Price

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