Typo in rtems-libbsd/rtems_waf/rtems.py?

Heinz Junkes junkes at fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Tue Jan 17 17:11:49 UTC 2023


It looks like there is a typo in rtems-libbsd/rtems_waf/rtems.py.

rtems_share_rtems_version = os.path.join(rtems_path, 'share', 'rtems' + rtems_version)
if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(rtems_share_rtems_version)):
    ctx.fatal('RTEMS path is not valid, "%s" not found.' % (rtems_share_rtems_version))

I think that "+ rtems_version" does not belong there?

git clone https://github.com/RTEMS/rtems-libbsd.git
cd rtems-libbsd/
git checkout 6-freebsd-12
git submodule init
git submodule update rtems_waf

./waf configure --prefix=${RTEMS_ROOT} --rtems-bsps=powerpc/beatnik --buildset=buildset/default.ini

leads to : 

# project  configured on Tue Jan 17 17:46:09 2023 by
# waf 2.0.19 (abi 20, python 20710f0 on linux2)
# using ./waf configure --prefix=/home/rtems/MVME6100_6_RUN/rtems/6 --rtems-bsps=powerpc/beatnik --buildset=buildset/default.ini
Setting top to
Setting out to
from /home/rtems/MVME6100_6_INST/rtems-libbsd: RTEMS path is not valid, "/home/rtems/MVME6100_6_RUN/rtems/6/share/rtems6" not found.


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