[PATCHES rtems, source-builder] Add GitHub Actions scripts

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Fri Jan 20 05:21:49 UTC 2023

On 20/1/2023 1:50 am, Christian MAUDERER wrote:
> Am 19.01.23 um 15:42 schrieb Gedare Bloom:
>> Nice. I would like some time to look at this and think about it a
>> little more. What would be the plan for removing this capability? Will
>> it leave any artifacts behind in the RTEMS github mirror?
> As soon as we want to get rid of the scripts again (because we have found and
> implemented a proper CI/CD that we officially want to use and not only have in a
> test phase), we can just remove the scripts with a new commit.
> If we use both commits, we will have a bot that adds a comment to pull requests,
> that patches should be sent to the mailing list as soon as they are tested. It
> will close pull requests after 30 days. That can be disabled again with removing
> that action.
> All artefacts can be removed by everyone with enough rights in the RTEMS GitHub
> organization. That should be most maintainers.

What github account does all this happen on?


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