GSoC Idea : Improve x86_64 BSP

Siddharth Khattar skhattar111 at
Thu Mar 2 10:06:51 UTC 2023

I was earlier aiming to do a GSoC 2023 project ticket #2901 but was then
encouraged to do a GSoC project to Improve x86_64 BSP instead as that would
be much more useful than the former mentioned. Then, I was reading the chat
logs around ACPICA and had a couple of questions-

What is DTS? something related to device tree usage? I couldn't find much
about it online?

A lot of the discussion around ACPICA ( which on reading through logs was
talking about how a lot of their code could be reused in expanding the
x86_64 BSP for RTEMS) was around the exact license for using their code? I
searched that they had 3 open-source licenses available, will one of them

A timer driver was also mentioned which I'm assuming is related to : , I had a quick
read through on the padhe nad noticed warning sign about it should be
replaced by The RTEMS counter support, so should that be implemented
instead of a timer driver? I am assuming that a timer is critical for BSPs
in RTEMS due to RTEMS being a real-time OS and accuracy being of utmost

Can you please elaborate a bit more on how would I need to go about hooking
libbsd to this?

Finally, I'm seeing that  the main goals of this project will to be to
attach a timer driver + hooking libbsd to x86_64 till right now, I'm aiming
to contribute a large scale project to RTEMS through GSoC 2023 so will
these two goals be enough for that timeframe or will there be time for
more? What directories and files should I start looking into the RTEMS
codebase ( or in other possible open source directories ) in order to
familiarise myself with the code that I'll need to be working with for this

Sorry for the long e-mail but I just wanted to ask in detail and not want
my thoughts or questions to be left in my mind unanswered. Thanks for
reading this far!

Thanking you,
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