RTEMS LwIP licensing and organization cleanup proposal

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at pikron.com
Fri Mar 3 13:32:33 UTC 2023

Dear Premek and other developers,

I am happy that LwIP is getting into state
of viable alternative of TCP/IP stack for
resource constrained RTEMS targets.

But as I have already reported before, I would
be happy if the code licenses and locations are cleanup.

The RTEMS core integration layer is held in uLan/ports/os/rtems


It should be moved somewhere else, i.e. under


but for sure the reference to our uLAN project is nonsense in this


even that initial LwIP integration for RTEMS is based on our
previous work in frame of that project for system-less and later
RTEMS use.

To make integration with RTEMS easier, the source should
be relicensed to some common actual RTEMS license template,
for example


We have referenced Swedish Institute of Computer Science license
there to allow integration even to some official LwIP port
but except for function and defines names the code is our own
so RTEMS copyright with reference to implementation inspired by
other LwIP OS integration should be OK.

I have contacted Premysl Houdek who worked on project during
his RTEMS GSoC and followup diploma thesis


and he is prepared to confirm relicensing to any RTEMS fitting
open source license.

For actual RTEMS LwIP users and contributors, please propose license change
or chose some of above offers and then propose new files location including
git patches or I can take that action if 

Best wishes,

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